October 17, 2017

County Sex-Offender Registry Pulled Down Because of Lawsuit Fears

10-17-17 Colorado:

As we've reported, Montrose County, on Colorado's Western Slope, pulled its sex-offender list offline following a recent court ruling in which U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch found that such registries constituted cruel and unusual punishment in the case of three plaintiffs.

The ruling is specific to the complainants in question, rather than everyone on the roster, and Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman has announced her intention to appeal. So why make the move now? According to a representative from the sheriff's office in Montrose, a fear of lawsuits.

"There are attorneys out there going around and finding people to sue for stuff of this nature," says Undersheriff Adam Murdie. "We know it's going to trickle down to the counties eventually, so we're kind of preempting that." ..Continued..

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