April 29, 2014

U.S. Marshal Service compliance checks

What a terrible waste of taxpayer money and resources; 13 agencies to check addresses of 84 registrants. Note that there is no mention of crimes being committed affecting any children, so for whose benefit was this? What was accomplished? How many homeless folks could be fed by the wasted money here?
4-29-2014 Kentucky:

BROOKSVILLE | Law enforcement officials met on Monday at Bracken County Judicial Center to review the results of a recent sex offender registry compliance check.

Operation Buffalo Trace began on April 15, with members of the U.S. Marshal Service and 12 police agencies participating in making sure registered sex offenders were living where their registry indicated.

Bracken County facilities were used as the command base for a five-county operation, officials aid

The Buffalo Trace area for the U.S. Marshals Service Eastern District of Kentucky includes Bracken, Mason, Robertson, Harrison and Pendleton counties, said Loren “Squirrel” Carl, U.S. Marshal.

“In all, 84 residence checks were completed, with a total of four arrests; three were for being non-compliant and a fourth was arrested on an outstanding warrant,” Carl said.

Two other offenders were charged with violating the sex offender networking statute which prohibits offenders from having Facebook accounts, Carl said.

“Whatever we do has a definite impact on the lives of the children,

Carl said. ..Source.. by Wendy Mitchell

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