April 29, 2013

Sex offender arrested after refusing to delete Facebook account

Does the law say, he cannot have an account, -OR- he may not access Facebook? A good lawyer should be able to notice the difference. So when was it opened? Further, if they want him to close the account, and he does, then he immediately violates the law, if it says he may not access such accounts.

UPDATE 4-30: The FB ban was declared unconstitutional, maybe no one told the cop/prosecutor. Then the Legislature changed the law. But now it seems they have to post SO Information on their account. Nothing in change about "not being allowed to have an account." Seems like the police/prosecutor are not up on the law.
4-29-2013 Louisiana:

TERREBONNE PARISH, La. — A registered sex offender in Houma was arrested for unlawful use of a social networking website after refusing to get off of Facebook as required by law, authorities said Monday.

According to Sheriff Jerry Larpenter, detectives learned that 27-year-old Tony Clayton Molliere was using a Facebook account.

Having gone through his annual sex offender registration in January, Larpenter said he was well aware that it was against the law to be on Facebook. He was required to take the annual course in relation to his charge of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, the sheriff said.

After finding out about his account on April 2, authorities told him he needed to delete the Facebook account. However, he refused. Nine days later, Terrebonne Parish detectives arrested him.

Now he remains in Terrebonne Parish Jail on a $100,000 bond. He could face up to $10,000.00 in fines and 10 years in jail if convicted. ..Source.. by WWLTV.com

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