January 3, 2010

Foxwell Kidnapping Suspect Has Criminal History

1-3-2010 Maryland:

SALISBURY, Md.- WBOC has learned more information about the criminal history of Thomas James Leggs Jr.

Leggs, 30, of Salisbury, and a registered sex offender in both Maryland and Delaware, is locked up without bond on burglary and kidnapping charges in the Sarah Haley Foxwell case. Eleven-year-old Sarah's body was located on Christmas day in a wooded area of Wicomico County.

According to court documents obtained on Wednesday, Leggs was already expected to be in court next month on burglary charges after court papers say he broke into a house in Ocean City. In that case, police say the female victim woke up and found Leggs standing over her bed with his shirt off and his pants down.

Other court records show Leggs was convicted of third-degree sexual offense for an incident that occurred back in 1997. The case involved a 12-year-old girl at a park program where Leggs volunteered. He was 18 at the time.

Then in 2000, court papers show Leggs was convicted of second-degree assault after he was found guilty of inappropriately touching a girl under 14-years-old.

As of now, Leggs has not been charged with Sarah's murder but authorities say more charges will be filed against Leggs in the near future. ..Source.. Brie Jackson

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