December 21, 2008

NJ- Judge sends molester to treatment facility

11-18-2008 New Jersey:

ROCKAWAY: A judge opted yesterday against sending a 20-year-old borough man to prison for sexually assaulting two boys, and instead let him enter an inpatient treatment program, a decision supported by the victims' family.

Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Melanie Smith ar gued that Alexander Willadsen should get a 10-year sentence. But defense attorney Cliff Wei ninger convinced state Superior Court Judge John Dangler that Willadsen, who has a low I.Q. and was a victim of sexual as sault, would be better served at an intensive sex offender treatment program in Minnesota.

"I think it was a totally appropriate determination," Wei ninger said. He noted Willadsen will spend three to four years at the facility.

Dangler, who heard testi mony from a mental health ex pert and the head of the treatment facility, gave Willadsen a suspended five-year sentence and placed him on parole supervision for life. He also must register as a sex offender under Megan's Law.

In July, Willadsen admitted he fondled two young boys over nine months in 2006 when Willadsen was 18. Willadsen abused the boys on other occasions as a juvenile, according to court records. An evaluation showed Willadsen to be a repetitive and compulsive sex offender.

Willadsen has an I.Q. of 75, five points above the threshold for mental retardation, and was sexually assaulted beginning when he was 11, according to court records.

Weininger informed Dangler that the victims' family supported the resolution. ..News Source.. by

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